Formal Weddings

 When Ever Two or More of You

are Gather in His Name



There is Love



Formal Beach Wedding

Formal Weddings 

Any wedding that is formally planned, no matter the location or venue.  Formal weddings require months of planning and arranging and are worth every effort.  A formal wedding always has a wedding party.  The wonderful thing about a Formal Same Sex wedding is that wedding party consists of both male and female friends and family on both sides.  As shown above there is no definition between grooms men or grooms maids if you will.

Formal Wedding Party

The Following terms are appropriate when choosing your Wedding Party

  • Maid of Honor
  • Man of Honor
  • Person of Honor
  • Best Man
  • Best Woman
  • Best Person
  • Brides Maids
  • Brides Men
  • Brides Person
  • Grooms men
  • Grooms women
  • Grooms person



Also known as the entrance to the ceremony.  Grooms normally choose to be escorted by the supportive mothers or special friend or family member. On occasion Grooms have been escorted by both of their parents.  Giving a opportunity for a sweet hug or a kiss at the alter before they are seated.

Brides normally are escorted by their fathers, but on occasion mothers have escorted them and either combination is appropriate and like the grooms they also have the option of being escorted by both parents or special friends or family members.

Wedding party usually enters in pairs and not necessarily boy girl, but having a good balance of friends on each side adds to good symmetry.


 Also known as the exit from the ceremony.  Just reverse it.


Semi-Formal  or Informal

Semi Formal  Ceremony


A semi formal and informal ceremonies involve less planning and may not actually have a formal wedding party. Although there maybe a Person of Honor or Persons as the case maybe.    There is no actual processional.  These types of weddings lend well to casual back yards style weddings, parks and beaches.  Brides and Grooms normally observe the traditions of suits and dresses accompanied by bride bouquets and boutonnières but that is where the traditions end. 

The accent on the ceremony is casual and fun.

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