We want to elope


One day you are sitting there looking at each other from across your coffee cups and then it happens, one of you says,


No I mean it, lets get married, today, right now, lets do it !

That is what an elopement is, impetuous , impulsive, spontaneous, crazy in love, gotta do it now WEDDING.

Now like every other wedding there is more than one way to approach this.


Destination Elopement

This is where you, your love and a couple close friends head out for a holiday and somewhere along the way you get hitched.

Below are some incredible packages if you are looking for something absolutely unforgettable.  A destination elopement is a quick and unique ceremony that is planned, but the efforts are minimal.

In a destination elopement we handle all the details, you show up and and get married. We bring all the paper work and take care of all the legal details. Pretty simple and quite elegant.


Destination Wedding Packages Are All Inclusive


  • Marriage License (Coming Soon) or Domestic Partnership 
    • Los Angeles County Marriage Certificate or Domestic Partnership
    • All Document Preparations
    • 3 Hours of Photographer Time (This includes up to 1000 HQ pictures)
    • Venue
    • Photographer and Officiant travel time
    • Champagne Toast
    • Bouquets and Boutonnière



Pricing will vary based on venue location 


Romantic Locations

Hollywood Sunset Package

Gondola Wedding Package

Experience the ultimate California Sunset as you have never seen it before. Speak your vows while standing atop The Famous Mulhullond Drive Overlook. Imagine the elegance and style of your intimate ceremony as you gently glide across the water, through the romantically lit canals of Long Beach Harbor.

Gazebo at Roessler Point

Historic Griffith Park Package

The historic gazebo at Roessler Point overlooks the coastline at Malaga Cove and the South Bay cities of Torrance, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, and more  A romantic Carousel wedding in Los Angeles Griffith park.Set on a hillside overlooking an expanse of green, the Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round is near perfect. Moved to the site in 1937, it features 68 hand-carved, hand-painted, and hand-bejeweled jumpers, their tails of real horsehair flapping in the breeze..

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