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We Offer 4 Types of Packages:



Basic Packages – Click Here

Basic Packages are simple, they allow you to select the

services you need and tailored to your budget.



“I Do” Packages – Click Here

Our “I DO” package is our in-house solution to the fast & easy – everything you need to be legally married “wedding”.




All Inclusive – Click Here

Just as the title states, all inclusive packages have everything

amazing and affordable venues, food, views, cake, champagne

and so much more….. ! All for one price, it does not get any

easier !


Over 65 photo by David a LeeOver 65 Only- Senior “I DO”

Are you seeking just to make it legal?

“I do” thanks and good bye… not very romantic, but practical … we will save the rice for a later date …. just get us legally married ceremony?



Also ask about Military and Veteran Pricing

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