Your Marriage License Delivered

Your Marriage License Delivered

About Your Marriage License

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There is the easy way …. There is the hard way.  You Can stand in line at the county office ………..or  Relax and let us do the work.


The Hard Way How Valuable Is Your Time?
Marriage License Line at the County OfficeAn Average Day At the County Office
  • The Average Trip To The County Office Is At Least One Hour Of Standing In Line
  • You Will Have To Take Off Work, You Get Paid When You Take Off Don’t You?
  • You Can Not Be Married The Same Day
  • You Have To Go Back And Stand In Line Again To Turn In Your License
  • You Will Have To Return A 3rd Time, To Request Your Certificate 

 How Much Money Did You Really Save?

The Easy Way  The Easy Way 

Legal Marriage License Delivered

Legal Marriage License Delivered

Marriage License So EASY

Marriage License So EASY

Our Confidential Marriage Licenses are issued by a special notary who acts as an authorized agent of the County. No waiting, all the paperwork is taken care of for you.

Our Agents have been specially trained by the County and are Licensed Bonded and Insured to assist you on your special day.  So Relax you deserve to be pampered.

There are two types of Marriage Licenses:

1. Public License – Available only at the County Clerks office

2. Confidential – Available at both County Clerks Office and through our agency

3. You May Use Either License Type Any Where In the State Of  California

This video contains all the information you need to know about choosing a marriage license

On January 1st of 2015, the State of California updated the Marriage Laws to allow the use of the Confidential marriage license in anywhere in the State of California-there is no longer a restriction on Confidential Marriage Licenses.

Our Wedding Service personnel are authorized agents of both Los Angeles and Riverside Counties and are able to issue a Confidential California Marriage Licenses for Marriages performed any where in the State of California

All Wedding Service personnel are also ordained ministers and able to perform Marriage ceremonies in all California Counties.