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About Your Wedding License



There are two types of marriage licenses:

A Public License

Which is exactly what it says, it is public record this includes your address, name and telephone number, your mother’s maiden name and your father’s name, for both the individuals!

All information is public record. This license is available at the County Clerks office only and it maybe used anywhere in the state of California. See The Links Below for the County Clerks office nearest you.


A Confidential License

Which is exactly what it says, it is not public record. It is private. Nobody else will know unless you tell them or show them your license. This license is also available at the County Clerk’s office. This license may only be used in County in which it is issued!

Confidential Marriage Licenses are also issued by a special notary who acts as an authorized agent of the County.

No waiting, all the paperwork is taken care of for you. We take care of all the legal aspects, you simply enjoy


I have been Commissioned by the Los Angeles County Recorder to issue a California marriage licenses and I am an authorized agent of Los Angeles County able to issue a Confidential California Marriage Licenses for marriages performed within the Los Angeles County  Watch the video below and learn everything you need to make the right the choice. 


Legal Marriage Expert



National Notary Association Member    Official California State Notary Public      Commissioned by the Los Angeles County Recorder to issue you a California marriage license          Be Ordained Online, Be a Minister by Mail         






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