Wedding Traditions

 The traditions and symbolic gestures are such a big part of the wedding. To make it unique and perfect, a good traditional exchanges of vows with proper wedding gestures will make your wedding the most memorable of all. Here some examples of popular gestures.



Sand Ceremony

The couple each pours their sand into a central container. To symbolize the importance of the individuals within the marriage and the joining of two lives into one entity, the colors of sand are layered into a vase. This symbolizes that the marriage is based on the strength of the individuals. The colors combined symbolizing two lives joined as one together forever. Children can be included in the ceremony by giving them their own colored sand to pour in the central container.


Sand CeremonySand Ceremony 2Sand Cremony 3



Hand Fasting or Tying the Knot

A traditional Celtic wedding ceremony , used in Middle to Early Modern England for the contract of a marriage where each wedding guest has tied a ribbon around the clasped hands of the couple. Later known as tying the knot. There are numerous variations of this each one is unique and holds mystic and beauty.


hand fasting hand fasting  hand fasting


Unity Candle

The wedding couple each take a lit candle and simultaneously light a third larger “unity candle.” symbolizing that they have not lost their individuality in their unity. The lighting of the Unity Candle symbolizes the new union of a two souls, two individuals who are becoming one through marriage.


unity candle unity Candle Unity Candle


Jumping The Broom

Couples jumped a broom as a way of ceremonially uniting. This tradition is used to honor the family ancestors. Today it represents great joy and at the same time serves as a reminder of the past. As the wedding couple jump the broom, they physically and spiritually cross the threshold into the land of matrimony. It marks the beginning of making a home together. It symbolizes the sweeping away of the old and the welcoming of the new; the sweeping away all negative energy, making way for all things that are good to come into your lives.


Jumping The Broom The Broom  Jumping the Broom 

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