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 I am the Premier Same Sex Wedding Officiant in the Southern California. Uniquely customized wedding ceremonies to treasure for a life time. Special all inclusive wedding package – premium photography and much more. Please visit my website exclusively serving Same Sex couples………………. Make California your wedding destination.

I was ordained in 2000, for over 10 years I have performed non-discriminating weddings, joining couples in love forever. Someone asked me once “are Gay Weddings different from Straight weddings?”, I paused and then I answered “YES”! When a Gay Couple stands before God, their families and me and commits to joining with their partner for the rest of their lives, it is a privilege that they do not take lightly. The intensity of feeling, the depth of love, and level of commitment is tremendous.

When they have come before me to join in union, it is against all odds, all nay sayers and they join hands and look into the eyes of their family and now they are UNITED, together forever. This courage and commitment is very different because it is fought for, so with every wedding we say “if you love me, love all of me”.

Whether we choose Domestic Partnership or Legal Marriage the commitment is the same.   Legal Marriage is a piece of paper, but Marriage is a heartfelt deeply personal commitment of Love.





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